Lies of the HeartLess than a month after Katie Burrelli asks her husband Nick to move out of their home temporarily, he is shot at point-blank range by one of his speech pathology clients, a mentally retarded man with the IQ of a ten year-old child.  Now, Katie sits inside the courtroom flooded by memories of Nick and full of vengeance towards Jerry LaPlante, the client she once loved like a son.

In chapters alternating between the past and present, Lies of the Heart unravels the truth behind Katie’s and Nick’s passionate relationship.  Katie, long over-shadowed by her beautiful, successful sister, pins her emotional well-being on Nick, whose unpredictable rampages only fuel Katie’s destructive insecurities.  As the cracks in the relationship begin to appear, both welcome Jerry into their family, hoping that by fixing him, they can fix themselves.

But after Nick’s murder, Katie vows to help the prosecution convict Jerry, whose best interests she’d always promised to protect­­.  As she pushes forward and tries to dismiss the tender relationship she once shared with Jerry, she becomes more entangled with questions and uncertainties about her marriage, Jerry’s reasons for killing a man they both loved, and her own murky responsibility for Nick’s death.

A powerful debut novel and a rich tale of psychological suspense, Lies of the Heart masterfully dissects a marriage and explores the path of self-discovery that can sometimes be found in grief.