“LIES OF THE HEART is a rare find: A beautifully rendered portrait of a marriage ended by violence, a deeply moving account of one woman’s journey though grief, and an utterly gripping page-turner. Michelle Boyajian has penned a remarkable debut — deep, gorgeously written, and true.”
–Lisa Unger, New York Times bestselling author of DIE FOR YOU

“Oh-so-rarely do we get a suspenseful thriller, a psychological study, and a warm-hearted narrative of distinctive literary quality all in the same book.  Prepare yourself – you’re not going to want to get up until, wide-eyed, you read the last page.”

“Michelle Boyajian deftly intertwines a suspenseful murder trial and a soulful examination of modern marriage, breaking open the heart of love’s exhilaration and angst. Her characters’ stories are drawn with a nuanced realism that pulls us fully into their lives, their souls, and the tides of secret strife that make both the family we come from and the family we create such a complicated dance.”
–Carol Cassella, author of OXYGEN and HEALER


“Boyajian’s seductive and riveting debut uses the murder trial of a mentally retarded man to explore the crumbling marriage of the victim, Nick; the stilted dreams of his filmmaker widow, Katie; and the touching, tortured relationship that entangles all three. From the idyllic romantic beginnings for Nick and Kate, to their inspiring friendship with the mentally and emotionally damaged Jerry, to the gradual resentment, bitterness, and alienation of all their loves and lives, Boyajian glides effortlessly between the dreamy terrain of love and the gritty detail of a slaying, its investigation, and prosecution…we couldn’t have gotten to see this heartbreaking story from a more perfect perspective.”
–Publisher’s Weekly

“Boyajian’s psychologically astute debut combines courtroom drama with a heartbreaking portrait of a wife’s grief…”
–People (3 1/2 out of 4 stars)

“This accomplished debut novel covers a familiar theme with a good deal of finesse, filtering one couple’s fraught relationship through the framework of a murder trial. Jerry, a mentally handicapped patient, has shot and killed his speech therapist, Nick Burelli. Nick’s wife, Katie, a failed documentary filmmaker, narrates the events in the courtroom while also filling in the backstory of her and Nick’s romance. The heady early days of their relationship stand in stark contrast to the final months, when Katie is reduced to stalking his every move to try and figure out the source of their estrangement. Boyajian skillfully reveals the flaws in their relationship in tandem with Katie’s dawning realization that she herself is partly to blame for bringing Jerry into their lives as a means of propping up their marriage. Although Jerry initially blossoms as a result of the couple’s close attention, their problems eventually undermine his fragile emotional well-being. With its riveting courtroom scenes and nuanced presentation of the characters’ psyches, this genre-bending first novel combines insightful domestic fiction with the page-turning suspense of a legal thriller.”